The problem

In 2021, we have begun a new initiative to investigate the following aspects of law enforcement and emergency services in Dallas, Texas:

  • Fast response times
  • Fast communication of incidents to the public on social media
  • Coordination between law enforcement and emergency services

This is a relatively new initiative that will be ultimately expanded to study many cities. We hope to quantify disparities in communication and coordination of law enforcement agencies in rural and racial minority-prevalent urban areas.

The data

We are currently performing integrative analyses of the Dallas Police Active Calls dataset and the Dallas Fire Rescue Twitter accounts. We merge incident information between these datasets to measure the reporting time lag between individual incidents. It also notes the reported addresses of incidents for each database; interestingly, these may often be slightly different for the same incident.

Please note that the data is current as of 9:00 am on 10/3/2021. Incidents reported on Twitter and the Police database are classified as being the same if the distance between them is less than 1 km; however, this results in a few errors, which we are working on correcting with a better filter. For descriptions of the columns of this data, please click here.

The future

We are currently looking into collaborations with watchdog groups to raise awareness about this project and our findings. Please contact us if you are interested.